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Experience The Magnificence Of The Iconic Gateway Of India


The Gateway of India requires no introduction. This monstrous arch made of yellow basalt and solid concrete was built during the 20th century to celebrate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary and overlooks the picturesque Arabian Sea. The Gateway of India is one of the most distinguished monuments of Mumbai which is renowned across the world for its master build and BluSail yacht and boat rentals are the sure shot way to experience this iconic beauty in all its glory. A confluence of India, Arabic, Western and even Gujarati architectural designs, this gateway which initially served as an entry and exit point during the pre-Independence era is now a popular destination for not just unwinding but people-watching.

No excursion to the City of Dreams is complete without a visit to this landmark. The Gateway of India, in all its pristine glory, not only offers opportunities for photography but also a relaxing evening stroll along the Marine Drive stretch and a chance to experience the true spirit of Bombay.

Things to do at Gateway of India

The starting point for most tours, Gateway of India has numerous experiences and adventures for the residents of Mumbai as well as tourists. Pick any weekend with BluSail to discover what makes the Gateway a tourist favorite!

Stay at the Taj: Book a room for a weekend at the Taj Mahal Hotel situated right opposite the imposing edifice to experience the royal treatment offered by one of Asia’s finest.

Explore Elephanta: Perfect for those interested in Indian mythology and rock-cut architecture, Elephanta Island boasts of elaborately carved caves dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Enjoy Mumbaia food: Gateway of India is brimming with local vendors selling lip-smacking street foods like bhelpuri, sevpuri, and vada-pav which have been the favored snacks for centuries.

Ferry to Alibaug: A ferry-ride away from Mumbai, Alibaug is perfect for a weekend full of outdoor activities, historic forts, picturesque temples, or simply a laid-back spa retreat.