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Family Outings

Quality family time spent right sailing ashore!

There’s work, there’s personal life and then there is family time. No matter where you are and how busy the days get, there always has to be time put aside for family.

BluSail boat rentals can help you make the time you have kept aside for your family into something very special and memorable. Make the most

Some boating, some sailing And some fun with family.

There is nothing better than waiting for those weekends, after dreaded working weekdays, and going for a weekend getaway with family! Now imagine doing just that but on a BluSail boat, rented for a trip to Alibaug and back. Already loving the idea, aren’t you?

Traditional family dining This time on a yacht!

Dinner set on the table for your entire family, amidst the waters of Mumbai and the monnlight just about to come out in the sky- nothing can beat that environment!

Teach your wife and kids the wonderful art of sailing & cruising

It is very important in the modern world to position and photograph products and services in the most visual and eye-catching manner. At BluSail, we offer boat rentals for a day in which you can easily manage an entire photo shoot with a variety of angles in broad daylight and get creative easily.

Introduce a product in style!

Most times it is observed that the way a new product is launched in the market is what sets the tone for its success henceforth. With BluSail you can stand out from the crowd of products and arrange for a private launch of a product, get this, on a catamaran!