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Rent Villa Alibug

Find your ideal personal haven for a weekend beyond expectations!


Every now and then, it becomes important to break away from your tiring routine and escape to a world free of responsibilities. Since dropping everything forever can be next to impossible, the other option is to get away from the city hustle if only for a weekend. Renting a villa located amidst resplendent and opulent beauty is one of the most perfect ways to spend a weekend and BluSail can play a pivotal role in making your dream come true. Find fully-furnished villas, nestled away from crowds and noise, with spectacular views and world-class amenities that are suited for all your needs, whether you’re hosting a party or looking to unwind in a peaceful way!

Escape to popular near-by destinations to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind while having a memorable experience in your personal space. Rent a boat or a yacht with BluSail and get your own fantastic crew to bid adieu to the city for the weekend!

Reasons why you should rent a Villa

Choose from a range of luxury and budge villas at any of the premium tourist destinations located in the Mumbai harbor and we will ferry you to an unmatched holiday experience filled with all the essentials – right from a comfortable travel, plush stay and lip-smacking food.

Home away from Home: Find the comfort and convenience of your own home while using amenities and facilities without extra costs.

Value for Money: Choose a villa that allows more personal space against an expensive hotel room – at the same cost!

Privacy and Peace: Get the peace and privacy that is sometimes difficult even in your own house because of city traffic and prying neighbors.

More Options: Exotic villas or traditional homes, villas with pools or cottages – you get the choice of choosing from a wide variety of villas.

Personal Chefs: Experience the local cuisine or enjoy food as per your taste and choice.

Pet Friendly: Bring your beloved pet along instead of leaving it in someone else’s care!