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Water Sports

Indulge in water sports activities along the magnificent Mumbai harbor.



Skip the mundane, tried and tested activities to try something unique. Mumbai’s seven islands and the surrounding Arabian Sea make it possible for you to participate in thrilling water experiences. India’s nightlife and entertainment capital, Mumbai also boasts of a 167 km long coastline. Combined with the other islands that can be found in the city’s harbor, tourists as well as locals have a never ending array of water sports activities to choose from. We at BluSail offer a range of adrenaline pumping and exhilarating water sports adventures for everyone from a family with children to college students.

We also provide a short brief training course for the newbies. The safety equipment and strict adherence to international safety and instructions standards followed by BluSail’s proficient team ensures a smooth-sailing weekend.



What’s in store for you?

The gorgeous warm waters of Mumbai and easy access from beaches that dot its shores have made it one of the prime adventure destinations. Whether you’re looking to glide effortlessly through the calm waters on a jet-ski or want to try your hand at action-packed wakeboarding – BluSail does it all!

Parasailing: Soar high up in the sky and enjoy Mumbai from a bird-eye’s view while parasailing over the Arabian Sea.
Jet Ski Rides: Jet skis are one of the best ways to have an exciting and fresh experience which includes a safety briefing and a quick training!
Banana Boat Rides: An activity which is as fun for kids as it is for adults, banana boat rides involve sitting on a banana shaped tube, being pulled along the water at high speed and being dumped into the sea (with safety jackets, of course)!
Wake Boarding: Riding a board which is being towed behind a motorboat at the speeds of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour – wake boarding is another way to fulfill your need for speed!
Kayaking: Paddle through the calm and refreshing waters and row away from the city’s stress while enjoying the scenic views from your kayak.

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