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Treat yourself to an afternoon of fishing away from the city hustle.



Fishing is one of the recreational activities with an emphasis on relaxation which keeps you active for hours. The 167km coastline and the numerous lakes and rivers which can be found in the city’s vicinity offer its residents and visitors a unique fishing experience. The sparkling clear waters rich in aquatic flora and fauna and the open picturesque surroundings make it the perfect destination for a fishing excursion. BluSail’s many offerings include fishing in the sea near the Gateway of India where we provide you with all the required fishing equipment. Our experienced local fishing instructors guide you to land a fresh catch!



What’s in store for you?

Head over for the chance to hook and bait the famed Bombii duck or the ghol also known as the fish with a heart of gold. BluSail’s crew assists you in everything from hooking your line to reeling in a big catch! Ideal for families as well as small groups, the fishing tours provide for fishing rods, reels, and baits. First timers are given fishing instructions and casting lessons to make the experience and enjoyable and memorable one.

Safety First: At BluSail, we employ highly trained professional instructors and specialized fishing equipment to ensure your safety is never compromised.
Unbeatable prices: Having been an experienced water sports company for years, BluSail’s services are priced in a way that you get the best for your money’s worth!
Trained and friendly staff: The instructors and staff are professionally trained to accommodate you and your group and to guarantee unmatched hospitality.
Unique Excursions: A fishing trip can prove to be thrilling and satisfying for different age groups who wish to do something different.
Something for everyone: For those who aren’t particularly fond of fishing, BluSail offers a string of other adventure filled activities to indulge in!

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