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Mumbai’s day-to-day life is packed with countless opportunities and adventures. The city that never sleeps has a rich and vibrant history making it a traveler’s paradise. Over the years, Mumbai has bagged more and more titles adding to the intrigue that draws people from across the world. Home to the world’s most expensive residential building, the 3rd best international airport, the migrating pink-hued flamingos, India’s colossal theme park, Mumbai has something for everyone.

Find the perfect boat or yacht with a fantastic crew to ferry you around at reasonable rates. Sail away in the sunset, moor in the harbor to land a big catch or stroll through the city absorbing everything it has to offer



What’s in store for you?


Ideal for families as well as small groups, our fishing tours provide for fishing rods, reels, and baits. Dock your boat rental for the chance to hook and bait the famed Bombii duck or the ghol. BluSail’s crew is ready to assist you in everything from hooking your line to reeling in the big catch!

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Experience the beauty of Mumbai from a different perspective! Book a premium catamaran for the entire weekend, enjoy an afternoon picnic aboard a luxury yacht, or skim across the sea on a sailboat – the choice is yours. The chartered vessels are equipped with luxury as well as safety equipment and BluSail’s experienced crew is adept at safety procedures.

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Victorian architecture, larger-than-life celebrations, lip-smacking street food, the confluence of multiple cultures of the world – explore the nooks and corners and the wild extremities that Mumbai has to offer! Pick from a range of tour options or build your own itinerary!

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Water Sports

Mumbai’s sea-facing location and the easy access via multiple beaches that dot Mumbai’s shores make it a prime destination to indulge in water sports. BluSail’s crew takes you on exhilarating water sports adventures with brief training courses for the newbies. The safety equipment and strict adherence to international safety and instructions standards followed by BluSail’s proficient team ensures a smooth-sailing weekend.

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