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  • Explore Mumbai  like never before!

    Explore Mumbai like never before!

    Rent one of our boats and set off on your coastal getaway.


About Us


Are you looking for a Party Venue on a Boat or Yacht?

Blu sail is India’s leading Boat Rental and Yacht Rental Company. Find a perfect yacht on rent, with a fantastic crew at reasonable rates in Mumbai.

Blu sail provides you a broad fleet of Speed Boats, Sailboats, Yachts on rent in Mumbai for a cozy evening for 2 people or a wedding/corporate event crowd of 250.

Whatever your event is, you can now hire a Boat or Yacht for your Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties, Bachelor Parties, Corporate Events, Film and Photo Shoots.

  • Family Outings

    Quality family time spent right sailing ashore!

    There’s work, there’s personal life and then there is family time. No matter where you are and how busy the days get, there always has to be time put aside for family.

    BluSail boat rentals can help you make the time you have kept aside for your family into something very special and memorable. Make the most
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  • Couples

    Him, Her, the Boat and the exotic coastline

    Every once in a while there comes a time when you want to exit your every day work life and just be transported to a more relaxing and retrieving experience, doesn’t it? Especially with your better half!

    We have all heard about the work-life balance that would make sure that you remove time from your busy routines for some personal moments with your loved one. From planning birthdays for your loved ones to creating a lively anniversary memory for them, BluSail is here to help you chalk out your very own couple story. It is special moments like this that sweep your loved ones off the rug again and make them relive the romance. Own a boat for a couple of hours and treat yourself and your soul mate to an experience that will arch into your memories for years to come.
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  • Corporates

    When work & fun is rolled up into one!


    31 Oct - 31 Oct

    Gone are the days when business was a solemn affair that’s restricted to office spaces and conference rooms. Modernisation of everyday life has made it possible for even working professionals and businesses to take their work elsewhere; somewhere more fun!

    With BluSail boat rentals you can now take your work ashore! Be it a simple business meeting, chilling with work colleagues or an official seminar, having one on the boat will definitely make it peaceful and exotic at the same time. The upsides of arranging for catamarans or boat rentals are that you get the ambience, the grand feeling and yet feel tranquil enough to discuss work. Own a boat for a couple of hours with BluSail yacht rentals and make your next business meet into a fun and work for all affair!
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A Catamaran is an ideal rental choice for family groups and first-time charterers for a day out onto the sea of Mumbai.

Speed Boats

You can get a Speed Boat on rent in Mumbai for 2 hours/half a day or full day, our luxurious Speed Boat Packages given on hire/rent.

Sailing Yachts

Blu sail is India’s leading Yacht Rental Company offering all types of Yachts and Boats on hire.We offer different packages to rent

Sail Boats

Blu sail Boat Rentals is proud to offer the latest and most dependable fleet of sailboats for rent in Mumbai. Blu sail provides a fleet of fantastic

Popular Weekend Getaways

Our Popular Weekend Getaways

Get away from the city’s hustle-bustle by renting a boat or yacht and planning your big weekend getaway in style!


De-stress in the lap of Alibaug’s nature, comfort and luxury!

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Discover a new and exciting adventure at every turn in Madwa

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Explore the grandeur of the majestic and serene Elephanta island.

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Quick Surf

Quick Surf

Activity for November:

Coastal Sailing

Make a quick getaway to the gateway and escape in the deep blue waters of Mumbai. This hour long coastal sailing is sure to offer you that short and sweet retreat you need to get away from your everyday routine!

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Packed Full of Powerful Packages

Blu sail is India’s leading Boat Rental and Yacht Rental Company. Find a perfect yacht on rent, with a fantastic crew at reasonable rates in Mumbai.

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    Planned birthday party, arrangements were good and had wonderful sailing experience with amazing sunset view.
    Blu Sail Team was really helpful in customizing the package and made it eventful.

    Prashant Nair

  • This was my first experience sailing out with my friends. Awesome feeling and memorable experience.
    Blu Sail crew Rockx. Will recommend to all my friends and colleagues

    Monika Kaur

  • Very pleasant 3 hours trip at probably the best price available. Great experience.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the water. Absolutely recommended.

    Anumeha Upalkar